The Advantages of Electrostatic Painting vs. Other Methods of Painting


Electrostatic painting offers an incredibly consistent and professional look to objects painted by this method. The beautiful finish from this method of painting is one of the main reasons that Dublin Electrostatic Painting clients refer us to their friends and coworkers. Electrostatic painting is an alternative to traditional spray painting and painting by rollers and/or brushers. Painting with these methods requires multiple coatings in order to cover objects thoroughly, and leads to an inconsistent finish.

Electrostatic painting is also better for the environment than other types of painting because it is incredibly efficient, using 95% of sprayed paint compared to spray painting which is 30% efficient. Electrostatic painting is so efficient due to reduced over-spray and the nature of the wrap-around behavior of the painting during spraying. This reduced over-spray means less time needs to be allotted for clean up and prep for painting jobs, meaning less down time for objects that need to be painted.

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Table before electrostatic painting

Table before electrostatic painting

Table after painting by Dublin Electrostatic Painting.

Table after painting by Dublin Electrostatic Painting